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Your Body’s Natural Detox System

17th November 2015
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

Hello ladies.

We are often told that “you are what you eat”, right, and of course this makes sense. We do need the right nutrients to keep us healthy. However there is something we’re not often told or are aware of and that is that our body has a natural detox system that can keep us well if it’s allowed to.

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Our bodies are amazing and know exactly how to keep us healthy but can often be overwhelmed by our stressed lifestyles. Our body needs to be able to detox from over indulgence and toxins all around us in order to remain healthy and it will naturally eliminate the toxins through our waste. This detox system is the lymphatic system.

When our systems become overloaded we will experience fevers, colds, runny noses, sneezing, spots and rashes. This is caused by our bodies trying to flush out toxins but our lymphatic system being a bit sluggish and not working to its optimum and so the toxins come out in all the wrong places, as we all know.

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Here’s how it works…

The body’s detox system (the lymphatic system)

  1. Toxins are released from our cells into our lymphatic system (some toxins leave the lymph system and are released via the skin and lungs).
  2. The toxic lymph then drains into the blood (some toxins leave the blood and are released from the body via the skin and lungs).
  3. The blood passes through the liver which filters out the toxins.
  4. The liver excretes the toxic bile into the bowel.
  5. The bowel excretes the waste.

The real cause of spots, sore throats, colds, fevers and rashes

When this system becomes impaired it will result in spots, rashes, colds, fevers, constipation and even more complicated health issues. And if the lymph system becomes stagnant you will get sore throats and perhaps glandular fever. If you have constipation then your whole system is sluggish and your bowel needs support to get it moving.

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Not only can we support ourselves with natural foods and lots of water but there are several simple techniques we can use to make sure our body can eliminate toxins naturally via our waste and so keep our skin looking its best and those sore throats away.

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