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Fabulous Links I Love November

30th November 2015
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe


You seem to be really enjoying these collections of links so I’ve dug some more out of my reading list for you to enjoy!

I’ve recently started sharing a little more about wellbeing in my new Life category, but here’s a fantastic piece on Why should we all be meditating.

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I talk a lot about skincare products, I’m a huge advocate for taking good care of yourself inside and out, but what do all those ingredients actually do? Well, here’s a full low down of all skincare ingredients.

Obviously we all love a blow dry bar, the ability to pop in and get your hair done pronto, but one of my favourite makeup brands MAC have cottoned onto the equivalent for a makeup salon! Oh Em Gee.

I harp on about getting the balance in your diet right, no matter what, it’s not about extreme dieting or fast food all the time, but it turns out that some carbs are really good for your hair!!

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I’ve never been a fan of contouring, but this new concept of clown contouring seems to have taken it next level – heavens! What do you think?!

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Photography Credit: Jake Melara and Andrew Philips

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