Why our Grandmothers believed in Epsom Salts Baths

19th October 2015
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

Hello ladies,

Here’s something you all need to know. It may sound like something that your granny would recommend but believe me having an Epsom salts bath is so amazing and definitely back in vogue as a health and beauty technique. You can buy Epsom Salts easily online.


How does it work?

The skin is the largest route of elimination of toxins and Epsom salts draw out toxicity and acidity towards themselves, so in a bath of Epsom salts, the toxins and acids will be drawn from within your body through the skin and into the salt solution. The heat of the bath also opens up the cell membranes to release toxicity and thins the lymph enabling it to help with the extra work load. It’s amazing!

All in all, an Epsom salts bath produces a lot of movement and release those toxins which cause acid build up, spots and fat. It is especially helpful for soothing aching muscles or joints. Taking an Epsom salts bath once a week for three weeks out of four is a great way to keep your system moving.

N.B. Don’t take one during the week of your period.

Here’s what you need:

A normal bath
1 kg of commercial Epsom salts.

1. Pour the Epsom salts into your empty bath.

2. Run the bath water and agitate the salts to make sure they dissolve. Have the bath warm to hot depending on how intense you want. If you have a very hot bath then remember to wrap your head in a cold wet towel or cloth.

3. Relax in the bath for up to 20 minutes. Be guided by how you feel as everybody’s tolerance level is different. Do not use soap or add any other substance to the bath water as it can diminish the drawing out process.

4. Once you have reached your limit (or 20 minutes have passed) you can either:

a. Add cold water to the bath to bring the temperature down and encourage the body to mobilise latent heat
b. Take a cold shower to encourage your body to mobilise latent heat
c. Dry yourself and go to bed and continue sweating to encourage lymph movement and the release of toxins through the skin.

This technique is designed for teenagers and adults (it is great for children as long as the bath is not too hot.)

You may feel a little weak or tired after an Epsom salts bath so make sure you rest well and have a good night’s sleep. Enjoy!


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