What’s Your Morning Routine?

23rd October 2015
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

I get a lot of questions about my morning routine from clients who want to know how I’m always bouncing around with energy! It helps that I love how I spend my days but I wanted to share a little about my morning routine so you can check it out and then share yours with me!

During the week I wake up around 6:30 and check emails and social media before I get out of bed. Once I am awake, I’m really awake so I will get out of bed and immediately make my bed. It’s a massive bug bear for me! I then drink a pint of water (I talk about why you should drink more water here)) and pop a face mask on (every 3 days or so). I love active ingredients, so something with glycolic acid in it like the REN glycolactic radiance mask (I use REN for all Sapphire Pink skincare treatments and it’s ah-mazing!).
REN radiance mask

I’ll then hop in the shower and get rid of the face mask and exfoliate my entire body with a homemade sugar scrub made with sugar and coconut oil! (I talk about the benefits of using coconut oil here!)

Coconut and coconut oil

I’ve normally already chosen what I’m going to wear the night before so I pop that on and spend 10 minutes doing my makeup, or not….although I’m obsessed with all things beauty, I do love going barefaced and not wearing a stitch of makeup, especially in summer, so I’ll moisturise with Murad’s Vitamin C moisturiser and then head to the office and have breakfast at my desk. If I do wear makeup, then it’ll usually be along the lines of my seven minute makeup routine.

tanned sunkissed woman

I’m lucky to have a delicious organic cafe in my office building so I usually have poached eggs and smoked salmon, prepared and delivered to my desk! Super convenient so that I can crack on with my day. I take all my supplements after breakfast, they are all lined up on my desk ready for my morning routine! I take:

  • Krill oil for my omegas
  • Spirulina as its such a great ‘superfood’
  • Vitamin B coupled with magnesium to maintain overall peace within my body!

With this start each day, I’m ready to face the challenges of the day!

How about you? I want to hear about your morning routines! Write in the comments or you can always email me 🙂

Thanks lovelies!

x o x o

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