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Travel Packing Tips You Need To Know

6th October 2015
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

You might be able to tell – I travel a lot, and I love it! Inspired by this article I read, there’s a few tips I’ve learned along the way about packing and I wanted to share them right here to you can have handy tips to keep your clothes looking good.

Girl sitting on cliff looking at view

Time to debunk a myth: when packing, don’t fold your clothes flat and individually on top of each other as they will crease for sure when they are squashed into your suitcase or bag.

Here are some tried and tested alternatives:

1. Rolling clothes
This is brilliant to keep the creases at bay and works especially well with trousers, skirts, tees, tops and sweat shirts. Lay the item flat, fold back the sleeves and roll up from the bottom.

2. Folding clothes together
This is great for trousers. Take two or more pairs of trouser and lay half of one pair on top of the other. Fold the one on the bottom over the pair on the top and then fold the other pair on the top. This means that where the folds are there is more cushioning and so they are less likely to crease or wrinkle.

3. Zip lock bags
If you’re travelling from place to place zip lock bags are a great solution. In each bag you can pack outfits for what you’ll need, for the days or evenings or whatever works. It means you don’t have to reorganize your whole suitcase every time you stop somewhere. You could pack two sets of shorts/jeans and tops with underwear and socks together for a stop, casual dresses in one, and dressy dresses in another. You can see what’s in each bag easily so you only need to open the bag you need for that stop. Also the bags can be rolled to get the air out so they take up less room. You can get some on Amazon right here.

4. Packing cubes
These are a similar idea to ziplock bags and come in various sizes. Made from fabric they zip up. You can roll your clothes with these and place them into the cube. When you get to your destination you can also just leave items in the cube which fits into a drawer. These packing cubes on Amazon look great!

5. Tissue paper
Protect your delicate items and evening clothes with tissue paper. Place a sheet of tissue paper on top of your garment and fold it up with the tissue paper inside. Then use extra layers of tissue when you fold the garment so it is completely wrapped in paper. This is great if you are staying put in a hotel or holiday home but if you’re moving on it’s not so good if you have to keep repacking.

6. Spray bottle
To get rid of wrinkles without an iron take a small spray bottle which you can fill with water and spray your clothes slightly to help with any wrinkles. You can purchase one here with a set on Amazon. Or take it one step further and transfer some perfume into a travel sized atomiser like this atomiser for perfume

7. Air travel
If you’re on a short flight and you’re just taking carry-on luggage then you’ll need to decant your liquids into 100ml containers due to hand luggage restrictions. Don’t put 100ml in a larger bottle. If you’re not sure 100ml of your products will be enough then try it out before you go. Put your liquids in the bottles and use them daily to see how many days it takes to empty them. You’ll be surprised. I found some on Muji which are great!

travel bottles

So, there you have it ladies, my top travel packing tips for you!

Enjoy and have a great holiday!

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