Scenting the scene

15th October 2015
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

The morning of your wedding is one of the most sacred times of the whole day. As a makeup artist I get to spend what is normally the calmest time with the bride while she is finally sitting down, doing nothing, having her makeup done. I have seen everything from tears and tantrums to giggles and giddiness.

One of the things that often surprises me though is that very few brides (or bridesmaids!) take the time to set the scene beautifully for the morning of a wedding. The brides that I feel enjoy their time the most are those that take a few moments the night before to make sure the area where they are getting ready is calm, organised and special.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to set any scene is to light a scented candle.  There are so many wonderful candles on the market that really do fill a room with their smell but the two that are my absolute favourites are these two heavenly delights.

The first is from Wick and Tallow. Their Sweet Pea and Peony is the most mind blowing smell. It just reminds you instantly of the most beautiful garden you have ever seen. When I close my eyes and allow this scent to engulf me, I am taken straight to a secret garden with sunshine and birds. Who doesn’t want that for their wedding morning mood?! I love this candle for a summer or Spring bride. Its fresh aroma really does fill the room. Wick and Tallow candles are brilliant for doing that. The prices start at £18 and they have a lovely collection that you can check out here.

Wick and Tallow Candle

The second of my favourites is from AromaWorks. This is my go to when the weather starts to get a little nippy and I want to warm up the atmosphere in my little flat. Inspire is the loveliest, warmest fragrance. Its citrus scent immediately warms up your cockles! It’s fresh and warm which is a really difficult balance to strike because most warm scented candles are a little heady and the fresh ones tend to be very summery. Winter brides, make sure you light this candle before you slip into bed the night before your big day and on the morning of. This scent is such a comforting one, you’ll never want to leave this candle’s side! Prices start at £15. You can get yours here.Inspire AromaWorks Candle

Have a wonderful Thursday and for you girls getting married this week end, there’s still time to scent the scene for your wedding morning!

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