Blue belle

28th October 2015
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

A few of my industry favourites all met on a beautiful spring morning for a photoshoot that was simply delicious! The whole thing was styled and arranged by the lovely Naomi whose brainchild is Wedding Tattle, one of my favourite wedding bloggers! You can see the behind the scenes from the shoot here. The bluebells where out in full force and the skies for clear and bright. Take a peek and the result.
AlexRickardPhotography-7445 AlexRickardPhotography-7576 AlexRickardPhotography-7546 AlexRickardPhotography-7449 AlexRickardPhotography-7460 AlexRickardPhotography-7483 AlexRickardPhotography-7645 AlexRickardPhotography-7657 AlexRickardPhotography-7520 AlexRickardPhotography-7399 AlexRickardPhotography-7366 AlexRickardPhotography-7338 AlexRickardPhotography-7301 AlexRickardPhotography-7177 AlexRickardPhotography-7190 AlexRickardPhotography-7195 AlexRickardPhotography-7252 AlexRickardPhotography-7274 AlexRickardPhotography-7119 AlexRickardPhotography-7070 AlexRickardPhotography-7039 AlexRickardPhotography-6928 AlexRickardPhotography-6914 AlexRickardPhotography-6765 AlexRickardPhotography-6744 AlexRickardPhotography-6662 AlexRickardPhotography-6610 AlexRickardPhotography-6623 AlexRickardPhotography-6761 AlexRickardPhotography-6745 AlexRickardPhotography-6592

The talented team behind this dream were:

Wedding Tattle

Alex Rickard Photography


Roses All Over

Johanna Hehir

Co-Ordination Catering Hire Limited

The Garden Chef

Sapphire Pink

Spotlight Models

My Fayre Favourite

Gilded Linens

Grace and Bramble

Gresham Blake Ltd

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