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How to Exercise on Holiday

30th September 2015
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

Hi lovely ladies,

Holidays can seem the perfect excuse to chill out with a drink, over eat and generally do as little as possible and looking for ways to keep up your fitness routine is often the last thing you want to think about. So I’m here to help with some ideas to keep healthy and feeling good whilst away – if you’re not already planning a healthy trekking, kayaking or horse riding holiday already of course 😉

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For those that have come away for some sea, sun and relaxation you can always try:

1. Swimming
Take a one piece swimming costume and goggles and head for the pool or the beach for a few lengths each day. If you feel self-conscious then don’t worry as you’ll inspire everybody.

2. Walking
Take some comfy walking shoes and even wear your exercise gear and head off for a fast early morning or pre-dinner walk – along the coast, around the city or into nature. It’s a great way to see the surroundings, meet people and feel good. Plug into your favourite music or inspiring talks if it helps. I made a great Spotify playlist here for you!

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3. Cycling
If you’re in a flat country and bikes are available then cycling is a brilliant way to exercise and get some fresh air. It’s also great fun and invigorating without high intensity workouts, if you’re not racing that is. You can ask at the hotel or apartment before you go whether bikes are available for hire.

4. Exercising beside the sea
Stand-up paddle boarding is brilliant for toning up. It takes a while to get the hang of it but if you’re by the sea and its available then be sure to have a go and tone up those legs – once you’ve managed to stay upright that is.

Surfing is of course a great way to tone up and ache. If you can’t get upright then don’t worry – paddling on your stomach is great exercise too.

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Kayaking is seriously good fun and a brilliant workout for arms and stomach so if there are some kayaks to hire then definitely have a try. It’s also very relaxing and fun being on top of the water and you stop for a peaceful float when you’re tired.

Snorkelling of course keeps you fit and there’s usually plenty to look at so you don’t realise how long you’re out there. You soon get plenty of exercise without really intending to.

Other exercises on the beach include beach running (soooo much harder than normal running so you won’t need to go far), volley ball (if there’s a group of you) and even Frisbee, if there’s enough space.

5. Working out in your room
If you like to exercise in private for fear of everybody watching then bring your favourite workout music and go for it. You can take your iPad and there are hundreds of brilliant workouts on YouTube and play my Spotify playlist! Most places have Wi-Fi now so this shouldn’t be a problem.

If you have a yoga routine then of course you can carry on whilst away and you may want to go outside on the beach or gardens.

6. Using the hotel gym or pool
An obvious one and easy to do if available, even it’s just for half an hour in the morning when it’s quiet. It’s worth it.

So, those are my ideas for getting some exercise on holiday without too much trouble. If you’ve got any other ideas I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

Have a great time lovelies!

x o x o

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