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Five Benefits of A Single Workout

28th September 2015
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

Hi ladies,

How is your regular exercise routine going? Or isn’t it? I’m here to tell you not to lose motivation because you’ve missed your regular classes or runs or haven’t been able to get to the pool as often as usual. There’s proof that there are benefits to a single workout.

There are even benefits to short regular bursts of exercise, like taking the stairs and not the lift, running after the bus rather than giving up and waiting for the next one or dancing furiously to your favourite track – anything to raise your heart beat and get your blood pumping.

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1. You feel happier

When you start to exercise your brain starts to release different feel-good neurotransmitters, including endorphins and serotonin. IT’s these that make us feel good after we’ve exercised. Endorphins are what causes a ‘runner’s high’ and serotonin is well known for enhancing depressed moods.

2. You’re more focussed

The rush of blood to the brain from a burst of exercise wakes up your brain cells making you more alert during your workout and more focused afterwards. Research carried out in 2012 on the mental effects of exercise showed improvement in focus and concentration from 10 minute bursts of activity. Even in primary schools in the UK they get the kids doing a quick morning workout as they know it focusses the brain.

3. Relieves stress

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America  estimates that about 14 percent of people turn to exercise to relieve stress.

Running for 20 minutes can ease negativity, boost your mood and relax your body– even if exercise itself stresses you out.

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4. Reduces ageing

One study showed that a short bout of exercise can greatly reduce signs of aging in 18 – 25 year olds. As you get older you need more regular exercise to have any anti-ageing effects but it’s worth having a go, hey?

5. Your DNA can change

Swedish researchers discovered in 2012 that among healthy but more inactive adults, just minutes of exercise altered the genetic material in muscle cells and that exercise can cause the body express or turn on certain genes,particularly improving your strength and metabolism.

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So there you have it – even one workout is worth doing. So don’t give up!

Lots of love
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