bottled water with lemon

Alkaline Water and How to Get It

3rd September 2015
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

Hello lovely ladies,

Did you know your body is designed to be PH neutral (7.356)? Well neither did I until I discovered the amazing benefits of alkaline water and how it helps out body’s to stay on top form.

In our Western society we can end up eating and drinking too many acidic products: sugar, wheat, caffeine, alcohol, fizzy drinks, processed foods, etc. These foods are known as acidic and we tend to have far too much. Cleverly our body protects itself from prolonged damage by acids by creating fat. Most overweight people are over acidic and believe it or not the fat is saving their lives as the acids cannot damage vital organs.

If you’re interested to learn more about the acid/alkaline balance of the body check out Dr Robert Young’s book, the PH Miracle.

Alkaline Water helps keep you balanced.

Drinking pure or alkaline water supports the body with the vital process of remaining PH neutral and detoxing the acids from its system. Eating a more alkaline diet is also vital to maintain health.

Usually our tap water is just acidic (below 7) and contains added chemicals, sometimes even fluoride and we all know just how horrible it can taste. You can measure the PH level of your drinking water using PH test strips for water. The best level is between 8 -9. Most tap water is around 7 or less.

Pure water direct from a spring or well is the best but not many of us have access to that.

Please note that most water filters sold in the supermarket do not alkalise your water.

If you would like to alkalise your water then there are various ways to do this.

1. Water ionisers

A water ioniser works by using electrolysis to separates the positive ions in your tap water from the negative ions. The positive ions create “reduced” water whilst the negative ions create “oxidised water”. The reduced water is alkaline and can be used for drinking and cooking whilst the oxidised acidic water is great for washing hands and cleaning.

There are various water ionisers available which can either be fitted under your kitchen work surface or on top. They range in price from £1000 upwards, so it’s a healthy investment!

The reduced water is said to be healthy for our bodies as it gives away its electrons. When we drink it, it will readily give its electrons to oddball oxygen radicals which may be in our system and can interfere with molecules. The extra electron renders the active oxygen harmless.

Oxidised water withdraws electrons from molecules and therefore it will kill bacteria and is perfect for sanitising. The oxidized water from an ionized water unit can be used to clean hands, kitchen utensils, fresh vegetables and fruits, and to sterilize cutting boards and minor wounds. Tests have shown that oxidized water can be used effectively to treat athlete’s foot, minor burns, insect bites, scratches, and so on.

2. Alkaline water fountains

These are a great way to have filtered, good alkaline water on tap without the expense of buying a water ioniser. They have several filters. The ceramic filter is designed to take water supplied from the mains for the first stage of filtration. The water is then filtered through the secondary 5 stage filtration process to remove bacteria, mud, rust, chlorine, chemicals, heavy metal, toxic substances and other impurities. This pure, sweet tasting water is then alkalised to produce the health enhancing water our body craves.


3. Alkaline water filters

These look similar to the water filters you buy in the supermarket but so much better. I found this one on Amazon at just £24.99. An alkaline water filter provides two average water drinking people with alkaline water for a year. After a year the replacement cartridges are around £15 and last about 6 months each. Prices may vary of course. You can read more information about alkaline water filters here.


3. PH drops

If you have a standard water filter already or you don’t want to filter your tap water but you’d like to alkalise your water then PH drops are perfect. There are several types of PH drops available. Some are cheaper than others but it means you need to add more drops per litre. Check out the ingredients first as some contain liquid potassium bicarbonate which is not beneficial if you have high blood pressure. You can purchase Ph drops on Amazon here.

4. Lemon or bicarbonate of soda

Lemon water
Lemons are alkaline. When you drink lemon water your body reacts with the anionic properties of the lemon turning the water alkaline as you digest it. To make alkaline water, fill a large jug (2 pints) with filtered water. Cut a lemon into 8 pieces and place them in the water. Do not squeeze them. Cover the water and leave to sit for 8- 12 hours or overnight at room temperature.

bottled water with lemon

Bicarbonate of soda
Bicarbonate of soda has a very high alkaline content and so when it is mixed with water it increases the alkalinity of the water. Add 600 mg of bicarbonate of soda to 8 fluid ounces of water. Stir it round or shake it vigorously if you are using a bottle until it has dissolved. If you are on a low sodium diet do not use bicarbonate of soda as it has high sodium content.

There is lots of information on the internet about the pros and the cons of alkaline water but whether you alkalise your water or not be sure to drink plenty of it.

This website is particularly helpful and has lots of links to independent studies about alkaline water if you want to know more.

I’d love to hear any of the benefits you experience of drinking alkaline water.

Lots of love


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