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12th August 2015
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

The brains behind The Salad Kitchen are in my opinion the least likely pair. Rather edgy and trendy young 20-somethings with a passion for salad and a vision for a healthy and quick lunch option! Enter Sam and Ross… We quizzed them and it turns out that not only do they eat their greens but they’re also pretty witty too.


Q: When did you open The Salad Kitchen?

A: July 2014

Q: What are your backgrounds?

A: Sam started (and still manages) a dog walking company covering southwest London. Ross previously worked in software sales in the city.

Q: Favourite salads?

A: My (Sam’s) favourite salad isn’t actually ubiquitous enough to have a name, one of our founding goals behind the Salad Kitchen was to make salads no one was likely to find on a menu elsewhere and as such we made it a rule of thumb that if a salad was well known enough to have a name, we wouldn’t use it. Having said that my favourite would have to involve leaves, couscous, pomegranate, fresh mint and goats cheese.


Q:  What’s the best secret ingredient for a great salad?

A: Best secret ingredient for salads would have to be stock! Sounds silly but we use a lot of grain and pulses in our salads and as you can imagine they are (the grains and stock that is) absolute flavour sponges for whatever liquid they’re cooked in, so stock does really transform the depth of flavours in your salad.

Q:  Any plans to open anymore?

A: The long term goal is definitely to open more, we have a semi permanent pop up next to the Shard but apart from that we want to have the main site a finished product before opening anymore fully functioning sites; we had no money when we started trading at main shop and there’s still a huge amount of development in the pipeline (a breakfast and brunch menu for starters) and those plans are being funded by ongoing trade.


Q: What are your favourite dressings?

A: Our favourite dressing again doesn’t actually have a name but is something we’ve developed in our kitchen. It’s basicaly egg yolk, sunflower oil, course grain mustard and fresh lemon juice but is mixed using a similar technique to mayonnaise to make it that bit thicker, it’s delicious!

Q: For brides who are keen to watch what they eat what salads do you recommend?

A:  I would recommend a roast chicken salad built mainly from leaves and a simple slaw, maybe one using apple, celeriac, carrot and cabbage but with lemon juice and olive oil in place of mayonaise. One of the most satisfying aspects of a salad for me is the variation of textures your loading onto each fork and something comprising of a lean meat, slaw and leaves will definitely give you that without prompting the slightest bit of guilt!


Q:  Top tips for food prep to take to work?

A: Top tips for food prep? Don’t forget to wash your hands after handling the chilli! It can lead to a world of pain and confusion!

Q:  What’s the perfect accompaniment to salad?

A: The perfect accompaniment to a salad would have to be a cold pressed juice, something with apple carrot and ginger for me!

image_00005Q:  Who’s the healthier eater of the two of you?

A: I would say we are on a par, healthy eating wise. It sounds odd but we were never into healthy eating as such we just love our salads, we love the fact that they happen to be healthy. Having said that our salads are sometimes just absolutely indulgent with only the most tenous claim to healthiness! It’s their versatility that makes them so appealing.

image_00006Q:  What are your guilty pleasures? (food!)

A: Guilty pleasures? Hobnobs and Tea! (or children’s cereal, so so unfailingly satisfying)

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