Seven healthy ways to cure a hangover

14th August 2015
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

Ladies, I’m not going to pretend that we don’t all overdo it sometimes (especially on a Thursday night…). But rather than gorging on bacon sandwiches and cans of sugary Coke, what’s the alternative? We want to eat something healthy that will be a cure for the fact that our heads ache and we have a terrible case of dry mouth.

Here’s my seven healthy ways to cure a hangover…

1. Prevention is the best cure

Probably not the first thing you want to hear, but please remember ladies you don’t have to have all the jagerbombs on offer and you can definitely drink water every other drink. No one will laugh! It’s good for you!

lime in water

2. Do not have another drink! (Hair of the dog doesn’t work!)

I know I know, you’re on holiday! The sun is out, the Pinot is cold and you see no harm in starting over again. Please rehydrate your body first. You’re looking after yourself :o)

3. Eat light, easy to digest food

Some doctors recommend sticking to toast and cereal. There’s a reason why these foods make good breakfast meals. They’re easy to digest and they’re not going to make you feel sluggish. Try toast with honey for a treat, as the sugar will give you a boost of energy and not irritate your sensitive self.

4. Remember your vitamins

Of course, you’ll be taking your vitamins daily already right? But your body will probably need a good boost after a heavy night out. Replenish your system with lots of fresh fruit juice to top up your vitamin C. Ahh delicious. The sugar in the juice will give instant energy, boost metabolism to help process the toxins, and generally rehydrate you! If you think it’s going to irritate your tummy, then skip right to number 5!

Oranges and vitamin C

5. Get your potassium!

Bananas, kiwis, spinach and kale are all excellent sources of potassium. With the slow release of energy, your body will feel so much better than eating anything greasy. Add the fruit to yoghurts to make delicious smoothies! Click here for the ultimate green smoothie recipe.


6. Craving salt? 

If you’re craving salt (that’s what we’re looking for in the greasy food!) then you could do much worse than heading to Itsu or similar for some Miso soup! It’s full of sodium, it’s rehydrating and it will soothe your body with its nutrients. Lovely!

7. Drink coconut water

Mmm yummy coconut water. It’s soo good for you. There is literally no end to the health benefits of coconuts. Coconut water is full of electrolytes, so good for your body!

So there you have it ladies, let me know if you managed to steer clear of the carbs and head straight for the healthy alternatives!


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