Ready for an overhaul? pt. 2

19th August 2015
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

If you missed the first part of this week’s posts, make sure you read it here. Continuing on from the last post here are a few more things to avoid if you’re keen to ditch any bad habits.

Grilled and Overcooked Foods

It makes sense, the further away the food is to its natural form, the less nutrients it has been able to hold onto throughout the cooking process. Sooo, make sure you don’t singe, burn or crisp your food! Something that I recently learnt about while researching this post is that when you eat these overcooked foods AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products) form in your body. They speed up the signs of ageing. Charred meats are especially bad since animal proteins are prone to AGE formation and dry, high-temperature grilling methods make things even worse.


Meats (conventional)

So much of the meat that is available to us today are from animals that have been pumped antibiotics, hormones and other awful things. Most supermarket meat boost inflammation with an abundance of omega-6 fatty acids and a lack of omega-3s, which is the opposite to what you should be having. Try to avoid red meat and poultry for naturally caught fish, spirulina, quinoa and lentils. They are also much more affordable!cow in field

Pesticide-Sprayed Products

The sad reality is that unless you are buying organic produce, the likeliness of you exposing yourself to toxins that increase the free-radical burden on your body and interfere with other beauty defence and repair process. The less ‘unnatural’ your body has to try and contend with the more energy it can pour into keeping you young and healthy. pesticide

Processed Foods

I know that this one is easier said than done. They are everywhere. I cannot tell you the difference that cutting these out would make to your energy levels, your natural glow as well as your cognitive functions to say the least. processed food

Fizzy Drinks

I don’t even need to mention the amount of sugar these devilish treats have in them (see below for the consequences of consuming it)! If you think that going for the diet option will sort that problem out, think again! It’s loaded with artificial sweeteners that have a numerous amount of problems attached to consuming them. Read more here on this topic. High levels of phosphates in soda have been linked to accelerated ageing. Eeeek, stay away!soda is bad for you


So remember the AGE formation I was telling you about earlier… well sugar is the biggest culprit. Not only is sugar addictive but it’s also acidic and inflammatory to the body. It steals nutrients from your body and hydration from your skin, suppresses your immune system, making your more prone to illness, it feeds bad bacteria and curbs the production of anti ageing hormones in your body. If you’re still not convinced make sure you read thisIMG_2432

Feeling inspired? Recipes to follow!

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