26th August 2015
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

I’m totally skin and hair obsessed. I have spent many hours with hair and face masks on. You can therefore imagine my total delight when I was introduced to HUM. For those of your who don’t know them, they are quickly becoming a hot brand in Sephora as a line of sustainably sourced, natural beauty supplements inspired by the idea that Beauty Starts Within.

Just up my street. Responsibly sourced, tick. A fun and trendy brand, tick. Easy to use, tick. The last one may baffle some of you – easy to use. How hard can supplements  be to use Bridget?! Well to be totally honest I am the worst person at taking pills. Not only do I often go for days forgetting to take them but I also can never remember how many I have to take of each. HUM have taken that stress away by packaging each day in a little sachet, GENIUS!

HUM sachet

I’m always sceptical of these things. They are normally meant to be  used in conjunction with a dairy-free, wheat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, happiness-free diet but there were no such instructions anywhere to be seen when I received my “RUNWAY READY” supplements. 
HUM dispenserHow clever is this dispenser?! Picture from Vanity Rouge

In the 3 weeks that I have been taking them I have noticed a VAST improvement in my skin and I’m not sure whether or not I am imagining it, but I definitely think that my hair has been through a growth spurt!

Now lucky girls, listen up… we are giving away a months supply of HUM’s RUNWAY READY. It targets your skin, hair and nails… perfect for any b2b! All you have to do is pop over to our Facebook page and like the post and share it!

The winner will be announced this time next week… GO!

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