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28th July 2015
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

My darling sister is a glutard. So is her H2B. This means that between the two of them, they eat sticky icky pasta and lust after piping hot loaves of bread fresh from my mother’s oven. For those of you who are not familiar with the expression “Glutard”, this is an affectionate term my FBIN (future brother-in-law) coined for his darling B2B, and of course, himself too! They are both gluten intolerant and so Mr and Mrs A are destined to live life gluten free post wedding.


This is a guide to those of you who, like the future Mr and Mrs A, will have a gluten free household! I know I’m biased, but what a good looking couple 🙂


This is one that will probably take most of you by surprise! AromaWorks founder, Jane Hibbert created a line of gluten free products when she discovered she was gluten intolerant. All of their new products are appropriate for coeliacs as well as a few current products. I have tried their Serenity Body Oil (RRP £32.50) and their  Nourish Day Cream (RRP £48) which are both gluten free. The body oil smells of citronella which takes me straight back to a hot sunset in Africa. I will definitely be taking it home for when I am in the bush and need to ward off mozzies! The day cream is for all skin types and smells of lavender (that’s what the girls in the office agreed on at least!). The AromaWorks products really do feel as though you are lathering nature all over yourself! #naturalskincare

Body Oil Serenity £32.50 www.aroma-works.com

Dining out:

New regulations means that caterers need to provide information on allergens in the dishes they serve. This means that if you communicate with the restaurant they should be able to provide you with gluten free alternatives. If you are the shy type who hates to make a fuss then it’s worth calling the restaurant in advance to see what they have on offer for coeliacs. Make sure you are aware that flour is often in sauces and gravy!The colourful kitchenimage: The Colourful Kitchen


Being a coeliac isn’t as bad as it once was. These days, gluten free alternatives now exist in most supermarkets. Gone are the days of having to shop exclusively in health food shops! Holland and Barrett have a gloriously large section of gluten free products on their website. So does Ocado, Waitrose, Morrisons and Asda. Coconut oil is a brilliant gluten free alternative to other cooking oils. You will definitely want to check out this page to see how you can start living life easily and cost effectively as a coeliac.

Agaimage: Life After London

Who to follow:

The Gluten Free Blogger shares wonderfully yummy recipes and advice on living gluten free. She is incredibly strict but doesn’t forego any of the yummies – she’s a self confessed pizza addict!

Gluten Free Girl and the Chef isn’t only a great source of gluten free info but it’s also the most wonderful feel-good blog! Have a read 🙂

For you baking enthusiasts, you absolutely don’t have to give up this indulgence. The Guardian has compiled a list of scrummy recipes that you need to get your oven mits on!

Let me know if you have any specific questions and I will do my best to answer them!

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