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25th July 2015
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

Faye Fasan, owner and founder of The Chelsea Day Spa has recently put together her signature facial… and I got to sample all ninety delicious minutes of it!

For those of you who dont know, the Chelsea Day Spa has two locations. One is on the King’s rd and the other is on Hollywood rd, both in the heart of Chelsea. When making your appointment, make sure you know which one you are meant to turn up to. Feeling sheepish. As many of you know, I am not blonde but I had a severely blonde moment when I turned up to the King’s rd spa when I was actually expected at the Hollywood rd one. Not a great start. Thank all things holy for good old Uber! Luckily I wasn’t too late and before I knew what was happening I was cocooned in a heated blanket of loveliness with Faye’s lulling voice sending me off to facial heaven whilst massaging my achey jaw muscle!

Chelsea day spa

This delightful facial is a one of a kind and has evolved into something incredible, memorable and truly desirable, taking facials to a new level. Made famous with the help of Faye’s faithful clients and loyal Chelsea locals, The Faye Fasan Facial really is the head turner of all facials and undoubtedly skin-changing.

This completely customized treatment is designed to reduce, repair and prevent by restoring healthy skin structure to reveal younger, more radiant looking skin from the inside out. This advanced anti-ageing facial combines the power of HydroPeptide, OxyGeneo and Tripollar technology to deliver a noticeably radiant, glowing and firm complexion with instant and long lasting results.


The FFF signature includes; Exfoliation, de-puffing, plumping, brightening, acne & scare healing, blemish reduction, lifting, plumping and softening of fine lines and wrinkle. Prepare to be transformed.

The 7-step treatment includes:

  1. First, skin is prepped with the moisture-binding effects of the peptide-based AHA HydroPeptide Cleanser and Toner
  2. Dead skin cells are gently sloughed away with a rich double layer of HydroPeptide Vitamin C Peel allowing actives to penetrate deeper into skin
  3. Using the OxyGeneo ‘3 in 1’ therapy of Exfoliation, Oxygenation and Infusion for immediate skin brightening and texture improvement
  4. Massage with Geneo+
  5. Peptide Packed Hydropeptide Mask to draw out skin impurities and toxins
  6. Radiofrequency with Tripollar by Geneo+ to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and contour the skin
  7. The BT Nano micro-current is optional to extend the facial to 120 minutes.

This Signature is £250, suitable for any time of day, for any occasion, with no down time.

For those of use that escape London in the summer months, The Chelsea Day Spa will be going to a luxury Greece Spa in Costa Navarino for the first week of September this year to offer their signature treatments to the clients of the Anazoe Spa  and Faye is taking her Signature Facial out there. Ideal- the beauty perks of being in Chelsea with guaranteed sunshine! This makes total sense. *looking up flights…


Now… don’t go getting jealous. The Chelsea Day spa is offering you gorgeous girls a 20% discount when you quote Bridal Beauty Insider upon making a booking. What better way to get wedding day ready than to pamper yourself and your maids with manis, facials or massages (the list is endless, take a look at their services here)? Get booking quickly, summer is their busy time and your preferred time slot may soon be snapped up by a yummy mummy, we can’t have that now!

Have a lovely week end lovelies 🙂

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