An engagement shoot in paradise

14th July 2015
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

In terms of romantic proposals my sisters’ takes the cake! Last December she flew over to the UK from South Africa to spend some time with me and the rest of our family who have Christmas every year at home in Ireland before following the swallows south for the summer.


Justine, my older sister, arrived in the UK and the two of us set off on a girly skiing holiday to kick off the festive season. After two weeks in the snow we spent a wonderful Christmas in Ireland. At this point she had been away from her boyfriend for about 3 weeks and was going to be gone for a further 3 weeks spending time visiting my brother in Rome and being with me in London.


One very cold Saturday morning the two of them had arranged a Skype call for a catch up at 9am, London time. On said Saturday morning at 8:34am my door bell rang. Thinking it was the postman I rushed downstairs to open the front door, ready to sign for a package. The delivery that was waiting on my door step was of the human variety, smiling from ear to ear, announcing that he had come to propose to my wonderful sister fresh off the runway at Heathrow!


The rest is history! There were tears of joy, heaps of champagne and so much love shared in the fleeting 24 hours that my future brother in law spent in London. I will always think of ‘that time he flew to London for 1 day to propose’ on a cold Saturday morning in wintery London.


The date has been set for September (PLENTY of updates to follow). Their amazing photographer, Estilo, has just sent through the images from their engagement shoot that took place at our game farm in South Africa, also known as our little slice of heaven. Enjoy…

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