Wedding Perfume, Old or New?

22nd June 2015
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

Hello lovely ladies! I am handing over the pages of the blog today to the gorgeous Gemma Hopkins who is the founder of Design In Scent, an exclusive couture design house that specialises in enhancing lifestyle, weddings, events, brands and experiences through a sophisticated use of scent. They can create a bespoke scent for a wedding to create lasting memories, or incorporate into personalised invitations, candles, reed diffusers, lotions and favours and diffused gently into the ceremony space – how great does that sound!


Here are Gemma’s thoughts on the scent you wear on the most important day of your life!


“The age-old question when trying to decide on a fragrance for your wedding day is whether to use your old faithful or choose a new one. In our humble opinion, it should always be a new perfume. One that is actually quite different to your usual.

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We base this on science and the way that our brain processes scent. Our sense of smell is the only sense that connects to our limbic system, the part of the brain responsible for our moods, emotions, imagination and the formation of long-term memories.


When you smell something for the first time, your brain forges a link between that scent and whatever you are experiencing at the time, be it a person, a place or even a moment. When you smell the scent again, that memory and the emotion attached to it are ready and waiting to be instantly recalled. Many scents stir the nostalgia of childhood because this is when they were smelt for the first time. Think about the smell of freshly cut grass or baking bread and see how they make you feel. Links between scent and memories are permanent and so will remain with you forever.


Your old perfume will already have associations attached to it. For your wedding, you want to have something that will take you back to the feelings of love, excitement and happiness that surround it. Once the majority of the wedding has been planned and you can relax in the run up to the day, that’s the time to go and choose your fragrance. Whenever you’re feeling particularly happy thinking about the wedding, smell it, and then of course use it on the day itself. It would be an added bonus to find a fragrance that is also sold in a candle form so your husband-to-be can share in it too. Candles can further be incorporated into the wedding so your guests can share in the scent and form their own memories, and can be used to scent your honeymoon suite.

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In the years to come, the scent will always be there to remind you, your husband and your family and friends of that cherished day.”

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To discover more, contact Design In Scent at studio@designinscent.com or on +44(0)20 7498 4839.

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