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29th June 2015
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

Hello ladies!

I really enjoy reading other blogs. My intentions are to share what I love each week, and so here I am! Please do let me know if you enjoy them in the comments ;o)

The 10 golden rules Amelia Freer lives by – this is packed full of brilliant advice about living healthily, but realistically. Permission to drink tequila and eat butter!

The Makeup Artist way to fake a summer glow – the sun may be shining now ladies, but this looks like a brilliant way to go if you want to protect your skin (remember my advice about sun protection!)

We lead busy lives, but are we getting enough sleep?

I freakin’ love green juice, but this is a useful myth-busting article, are all green juices created equal?

As founder of Sapphire Pink, I am asked a lot about applying self-tanner. Follow this advice and you’ll look as gorgeous as you deserve!

Enjoy ladies, and remember to let me know if you found these useful!

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Photography credit: Pawel Kadysz

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