Weekly roundup

24th May 2015
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

Hi lovely girls! This week has been a busy one at BBI HQ! We have some really fun and exciting projects in the pipeline. We will reveal all as soon as we can 🙂

For the weekly round up of my faves I would like to kick things off with this amazing blog, and in particular, that article. I’m a snacker and I always have issues trying to find healthy alternatives to naughty nibbles. My mouth was watering as I was looking through these amazing ideas from Complete Health and Happiness. Get involved girls and let me know how making these delicious snacks goes.

Healthy SnacksNoble Isle – luxury bath products with ranges of the most incredibly silky feeling and intoxicating smelling  creams, shower, gels, hair care products and candles. I recently tried this AMAZING body cream. It is worth every £38 of it. It is so thick and has the fragrance of a happy thought. My favourite thing to do is to put this on straight after a hot bath and just before tumbling into bed. It’s the perfect night cream for your body!thick Body Cream

Guinot’s slimming shower gel is another great smelling product. It leaves your skin feeling really fresh and clean and apparently it gently cleanses the skin day after day to slim, detoxify and eliminate water. Bring it on I say!!

Guinot slimming shower gel

Now my next fave isn’t actually somewhere I have been BUT…. It’s totally on my list of places to visit this month and should be on yours too! Firstly, it has suuuuch a pretty website. I’m sold. As if that wasn’t enough (cause let’s be honest pretty website=pretty product. Right?!) it’s also a super cool place. It’s in trendy South Ken and I’m really looking forward to my visit and promise to tell you all about it with loads of pics and a review on all the delicious raw food that I can possibly eat in one sitting! Yum yum… Tanya’s Cafe I am coming for you!

Healthy smoothieSo there’s my round up! I hope you enjoyed 🙂 Come back next Sunday for more. Love and happiness girls!

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