MAC’s new waterproof foundation

6th May 2015
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

With the hot *crossing fingers summer months on their way, MAC has timed the launch of their Pro Longwear Waterproof Foundation perfectly. From tomorrow this product will be available at MAC counters nationwide.


The claim is that this product can be worn for 16 hours and that the oil free formula will not budge come rain or tears – perfect for an emotional bride on a rainy wedding day! I have to say that I tested this foundation with neither of those conditions and it sure did stand up to the test pretty well. I thought that I would pop this bad boy on the morning of a hardcore tanning session and see how it lasted through sweat and sunshine. Of late we have been having rather yummy weather here in London. That combined with my roof terrace and a free Saturday afternoon, I put this foundation through its paces.


I find that you don’t need terribly much of it. It spreads well and has really good coverage. They say that you can use it as a concealer as well as a foundation which I will totally vouch for. The finish is matt and for a waterproof formula it doesn’t dry out your skin too much. I am rather pedantic about keeping my skin full of moisture and permanently lathered in sun block when out in the sun so realistically this isn’t a great option for me to be tanning poolside, but for the purposes of testing its limits I relented.


The formula certainly is waterproof. You can see from this image that when I put some of it on my arm and then ran water over it, it forms water droplets where the formula has repelled the moisture.

IMG_1939The bottom line is this: If you need a foundation that will last a long time and if know that moisture will be an issue for you on your wedding day (whether it’s tears or tantrums) then this is definitely a great option. It comes the 16 different colours and retails for £25.50. Tomorrow is launch day so make sure you pop over to your closest MAC counter to try it out… after you have voted of course!


Happy Hump day pretty ones!

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