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8th January 2015
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

Who doesn’t love a good massage? I know I certainly do! Not only is it really lovely and relaxing it’s also important to take care of your muscles if you are training hard and a massage is a great way to do this.

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When you wake up the day after a gruelling work out feeling stiff and sore, what is actually happening with your muscles is really interesting. Gaining strength is all about tearing your muscles ever so slightly and having them repair themselves even stronger. This process means that you end up with very small nodules in your muscles which are easily ironed out with an intense deep tissue massage… enter Urban Massage.

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[Tweet “Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen” – Shakti Gawain”]

Urban Massage is an on-demand massage service that gives customers the ability to book a fully qualified and insured therapist to be at their home to deliver a 5-star treatment within 60 minutes of booking. How great is that?! The booking system is really easy online or if you prefer they even have an app. You can choose your time, date and even therapist. I chose Sam who is a fully qualified physiotherapist which means he really knew his stuff. No question was too complicated for him to answer and his hands are made of steel. I certainly do not have any knots residing in my entire body!

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Urban Massage are running the most deliciously enticing detox offer for January. They are partnering with herbal tea company, Heath & Heather, to launch their detox campaign highlighting the benefits the mind and body can gain from combining their massage treatments with herbal infused tea.

Heath & Heather detox

If you book using the code: RBRIDGEM9 then you will receive £10 off your booking! At £55/hour… it really is a great deal. Why not treat yourself to perk up the January Blues.

Enjoy this beautiful sunny afternoon girlies.

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