Top Tips for Festive feasting part 1

19th December 2014
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

1. Keep yourself in check
It’s easy to let a few extra mince pies slip through the cracks during the festive season so keeping yourself in check is essential if you don’t want any extra pounds making their way onto your waistline. An easy way of doing this is to buddy up with someone and make sure you are both on the same page. It’s really hard to ‘miss out’ if you feel that you’re doing it alone, you are also more likely to stay focussed if you are given the task of motivating someone else. Food diaries are the perfect thing to keep you aware.
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2. Set yourself Goals
If you set yourself a goal of still being able to fit into your favorite LBD by the end of the festive season (without the aid of a whale bone corset) you will be more likely to reign yourself in. Try it on once a week to see how you’re going. This is far better than weighing yourself as your actual mass has very little to do with what shape you are in. Signing up for a half marathon or 5 mile race for life thats takes place in the new year is another way to keep you on your toes.
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3. Don’t treat yourself to food
Make sure a piece of crackling or an extra mince pie isn’t something that you allow yourself as a reward for ‘good eating’. The most important thing is that you don’t associate reward with food. If you manage to stick to your goals treat yourself to a blow dry or new lipstick rather.
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4. Walk it off
This time of year is notorious for lovely long meals with many courses and a glass or two of wine or bubbles. If after every one of these you take you yourself off for a brisk 30 – 40 minute walk you’ll aid the digestive process and stop yourself from wanting a snooze. Just after a big meal your blood will concentrate around your digestive area which can make you feel sleepy but by keeping it pumping around your body you will speed up the metabolic process.
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5. Short and Sharp
While there is probably a long list of things that you would rather be doing, make sure you set aside 15 minutes twice a day to do short sharp bursts of exercise. Studies show that the intensity of your workout is far more important than the time spent doing it. There are numerous apps that will give you workout ideas in 15 minutes or less.Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 5.34.50

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