Get Your Greens in one Gulp

3rd December 2014
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

This morning I decided that today would be a juice day. Yes, this means that I will be embarking on my very first day of no solids. I love a delicious juice, but I am not sure that I love it enough to only drink juice for one. whole. day. I will be posting all three ‘meals’ from today and give you an update after a few hours of having had the juice on how I feel.


For ‘Breakfast’ I was on a mission to get my greens in one gulp. It was delicious, although I never have a problem with the flavours (even when I add a good old tablespoon of Spirulina).  I was rather hungry when I woke up this morning so made sure I got this down me within the first two hours of waking. So far (1300hrs) I am not feeling too hungry but I can certainly tell that I am going to miss the fact that I won’t be doing any chewing today!


For this morning’s juice you will need:

2 x carrots

2 x large handfuls of spinach

2 x large handfuls of Kale

.5 x cucumber

1 x handful of mint

1 x apple

1 x tablespoon spirulina


Pop the fruit and veg into your juicer. Make sure you put your spirulina into the glass first before you pour the liquid in. Spirulina is quite tricky to mix into your juice, by putting it in first it makes it easier to mix in. IMG_3070IMG_3092IMG_3085IMG_3094

Enjoy my bridal beauties! Let me know if you are juicing and how you feel about doing an entire day of drinking just this lovely stuff?



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