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17th November 2014
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

One of the first things my clients do as soon as they get engaged is step up their fitness regime. Most of us girls have a dress we have been dreaming of since we saw our first disney film. In order to feel comfortable in said dress, body confidence is so important for your wedding day. Feeling fit and strong goes a long way in achieving this. I have put together my top five reasons why I believe body weight exercises are a great foundation to any fitness regime.

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The ease

There is a lot to be said about exercises that are easy to set up and therefore time efficient. Body weight exercises don’t need any machines or weight changes. You don’t have to wait until the person in front of you has finished their set and they are also really easy to incorporate into any workout as they can be done absolutely anywhere.

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The wonderful thing about this type of exercise is that anyone, no matter what your ability or age, can do them. There are so many variations which make them easier or more challenging depending on where you are in your fitness progress.

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Core strength

Using your own body weight to work out will naturally give you better control of balance as your core will be strengthened significantly. An improvement of core strength will help you with everything else you do both in the gym and out.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 5.43.20Reduce boredom

I am so guilty of this. The minute I find a new form of exercise that I love I will throw myself into it whole-heartedly… and then get bored three months later.  The really great thing about body weight is there is little to no risk of this happening as the variety of exercises are endless. You can focus on a specific area with numerous different exercises as well as bringing in props like medicine balls and the TRX. Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 5.43.56


Who doesn’t love getting something for nothing? Well it is in this category of amazing things that body weight exercises fall into. You do not need to spend money on a single thing, not even a gym membership. There are some really good free apps out there which will give you a step by step guide to body conditioning through this medium, not to mention to endless resources you can find online.

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So, no matter what exercise fad you are doing at the moment make sure you incorporate body weight exercises into your workout. You will be amazed by how your body strength will respond and the shape of your body will change.

Let me know which are your favourite body weight exercises?!

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