Dry lips… be gone

18th November 2014
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

If there is one thing I just cannot allow to go on for too long, it’s dry lips. Remember getting your lipstick to not only look luscious but to also last long on your wedding day, you need your lips to be in perfect condition. During these dry and cold winter months, it’s essential to keep your favourite lip balm close by. When in doubt, you can always count on your bridal beauty insider to share some of the very best that the market has to offer.  These are all affiliate links but I have, as always, chosen my all time favourites that are out there.

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One thing that you need to be careful of when choosing a lip balm is to make sure that your lips are being properly moisturised and not merely lubricated. Some ‘lip balms’ are made from mineral oils. These will leave you with lips that feel supple but in reality the particles are too big to enter the skin and therefore will block the skin’s respiratory system and not moisturise the skin’s cells. Anything with any petrochemicals in it are a no no!

Chanel – Hydra Beauty Nourishing Lip Care

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No surprises here, Chanel has made it into my top 5 list. This is a fabulous SOS remedy and is totally reliable to get your lips out of a state of disrepair. Combining the hydrating benefits of camellia with the nutritive and protective power of its precious oil, it nourishes, repairs and protects dry and damaged lips. You will find this little pot of heaven here for £30.

REN – Vita Mineral Lip Balm

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This is a staple in my handbag. There are few places that I will go without it. It protects you from free radicals, soothes the skin from irritation, restores the skin lipids and nourishes. The acacia honey boosts energy levels and it has a lovely combination of coco butter and shea butter. This one is £9 and you can get it here.

Palmers – Lip Butter

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This line of body moisturisers have had us oohing and aaahing for a few years now. The rich formula leaves your skin feeling like it has been plumped up with a good dollop of buttery moisture. The lip butter was first introduced to me by one of my best friends who is American. We were at university together and after each summer she would bring us back an American treat. This one, was by far my favourite and one that I always keep close as hand in the winter months. Amazon now stock this for £2.49.

Burt’s Bees – Beeswax Lip Balm

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I first came across Burt’s Bees when my sister-in-law used their nappy ointment on my gorgeous little nieces’ bottoms when they were in nappies.  The ingredients in their beeswax lip balm are 100% natural and while the wax isn’t what hydrates you, it is the key to sealing the moisture from the coconut, almond and canola oils within. You can get your hands on one here on Amazon for £3.42.

Christina Dior – Crème de Rose

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This delightful rose scented lip balm is enriched with vitamins A and E and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised with its shea butter. The packaging is one of my favourites with its vintage charm. You will find this product here for £20.Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 4.54.12

You shouldn’t need to apply your lip balm more than 3-4 times a day at the most, so if you are try swapping your choice for one of the these. They are all great quality and there will be something in this selection that will suit you as they all vary in terms of price, texture and scent.

Do you get really dry lips in winter and if so what is your favourite SOS remedy on them?

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