Lashings of Lashes

26th October 2014
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

Lashes have always been a wonderfully delicate final touch to makeup, making one’s eyes seem bigger and more alive.

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Strip lashes are not something I use on brides very often.  Not only can they look fake but should the glue come unstuck you are left with what could look like a caterpillar making its way down your perfectly bronzed cheeks #notchic! This leaves us girls with two options.

Semi permanent lashes

While this is a more natural alternative it is also a more expensive one. This option will need to be maintained every 3 weeks or so, depending on how careful you are with them. They are hassle free in as much as you don’t have to worry about applying lashes from one day to the next but they are also a little bit tedious as you have to be careful with how you cleanse and what makeup you use on your eyes. It’s ‘oil free everything’ if you want to get the most out of them.

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The process of applying them can take up to 2 hours for a full set. You can choose which ‘curve’ and ‘thickness’ you would like for your lashes allowing everything from a more natural look to a more glamourous statement look. They last as long as your own lashes do and fall out with their natural cycle .

Individual Lashes

The alternative is to use individual lashes that are applied with eyelash glue over your mascara. These are an inexpensive, easy and wonderfully natural way to enhance your eyes. There are a lot of individual lashes on the market. Some are cheaper than others but mostly the effect of them won’t vary too much as the price does. Remember to follow our three top tips when applying your own individuals…

Tip one

Duo is the best false eyelash glue out there. When applying your lashes pop a pea sized amount onto the back of your left hand (right hand if you are left handed) and allow it to dry every so slightly so that it is slightly tackier when you dip the lashes into it. This makes application a lot easier as the lashes will stay where you put them.

Duo eyelash adhesive

Tip two

You might think that this is a given but you would be surprised by how many people try to use their fingers… which let’s face it, no many how skinny lattes you choose over a full fat hot choc, your digits will still seem like fat sausages when attempting this with your front paws!

Eyelash applicator

Tip three

Make sure that when placing them, you put them directly onto your own (mascara already applied) lashes and NOT onto your eyelid. Not only will this will save the glue from messing with your perfectly applied eyeshadow but it will also help with creating a more natural look. Do place them as close to the lash line as you can but don’t worry if they aren’t in line, this will only add to the natural layered look of your own lashes. Finish off by adding a final layer of mascara to the lashes to include them into your own natural layer.

Mascara application


Let me know if you would like me to film a video tutorial on how to apply individuals lashes easily by getting in touch on twitter or Facebook.

Happy lashing ladies!

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