A Gentleman’s Guide to Shaving

30th October 2014
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

There are plenty of men out there who, even if they don’t want to admit it, enjoy pampering themselves as much as the next girl. Shaving for many men is a daily ritual that is far too often a rushed hassle rather than an indulgent affair. Gents, if you follow this step by step guide at least once a week you will notice a big difference to the quality of shave you are giving yourself.


Step One

Cleansing isn’t just for girls. Clean skin is the most underrated thing by men. Before you go anywhere near a razor make sure you clean your face with one of many different kinds of cleansers on the market. Find one you like and stick to it. You don’t want to shave on anything other than squeaky clean skin. Your pores are vulnerable just after a close shave and you don’t want any dirt getting into them causing ingrown hairs and uncomfortable regrowth. In addition to this you should also give yourself a good exfoliate once or twice a week.

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Step Two

Steaming your face before you shave will not only soften your beard, it will also open up the hair follicles which will ultimately allow you to give yourself a closer shave. You can achieve this in the shower, by placing a hot towel on your face or by steaming your face over a basin of hot water with a towel over your head.

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Step Three

Using a badger hair shaving brush, to gents a “badger brush”, in a circular motion, spread the shaving cream over your face and neck. As you are putting this directly on your clean skin, I would recommend using a good quality shaving cream that has soothing properties in it. The better quality the cream, the more it will soften the beard making for a closer, cleaner shave.


Step Four

With a clean, dry razor gently press against your skin as you tighten the skin in the area you are shaving by moving your chin up and your head left and right. Clean the razor blade in-between strokes with cold water from a running tap. It is at this point that you want your pores to close which is aided by the cold blade and the final step.

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Step Five

Aftershave is not only deliciously smelling but serves a very real purpose which is to close your pores. You can either use a balm or liquid. Don’t confuse aftershave with moisturiser, the rest of your skincare routine now starts once you have finished applying your aftershave… but that’s for another post another time.

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