Banishing Dark Circles

29th October 2014
Posted by: Bridget Okeeffe

Dark circles under your eye area are something that over 90% of us have to contend with. Some days are worse than others but the great news is that there is a lot you can do about it. It does take time but stick with it and eventually you with notice the area lightening and your complexion lifting. Let’s tackle why we get them and what we can do about those symptoms first.

Sleep it off

If you are not getting enough sleep your dark circles will be the first indicator of this. Try to pack in 8 hours of sleep a night. Not only should you be getting enough shut eye but the quality of your sleep needs to be good too. If you’re waking up tired and need a stimulant to wake you up then the first thing to do is to take note of how disturbed your night is. You can do this by downloading various sleep apps on your iPhone or android and allowing them to run throughout the night. Next you should make sure you are getting to bed early enough. Getting into bed 30 minutes earlier than usual is the equivalent to a 30 minute lie in and who wouldn’t want that!



I am such an advocate of water and drinking copious amounts of it! There is no down side to staying hydrated and often dark circles can be greatly helped by getting enough water intake.

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In line with the previous point keeping the skin around your eyes hydrated helps to flush out any toxins and allows cell regeneration to happen efficiently. From the age of 26 everyone should start using eye cream. Just as the skin on your lips differ to that on your face and body so is the sensitive and delicate skin around your eye area in need of a specialist moisturiser. Face cream doesn’t work as lip balm so why would moisturiser suffice around your eyes? You don’t need to break the bank but remember that the better quality the product the less you need, you could therefore end up getting very good value for money from a more expensive eye cream.



While there is plenty we can do to both help and hinder the condition of our skin a lot of it actually comes down to genetics. The same goes for those pesky circles. Some people can’t get rid of them no matter how angelic they are with all of the above. For those of you who fall into that category it’s time to crack out the concealer!

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When you are applying a concealer to lighten and brighten the eye area it’s important to remember three things. Firstly make sure you have prepped the skin well. Dehydrated skin will not allow the makeup to sit well on the skin and could end up making you look like you have scales! The second thing is to get the consistency right for your skin type, something too creamy could end up settling in your fine lines. Lastly you absolutely have to set this part of your makeup with a translucent powder. If you skip this step your concealer will end up on your chin by to the end of the day!

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Under eye concealers are different to blemish concealers. You need one with a peachy undertone which will cancel out the purple hues. Light reflectors, which you absolutely don’t want in your blemish concealer as it will only draw attention to them, are dreamy for giving you a bright eyed look.

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